We aim to create a green & sustainable India by 2025.

Green City Consulting is an energetic company enthusiastic about advancing sustainability in the built environment while simultaneously assisting in the reduction of air pollution. With a wealth of experience at our disposal, we offer a sophisticated range of consulting services in establishing a green ecosystem.

Live Better

Our organic farms all over India gives us access to the highest quality produce.

Eat Better

Urban organic growth beds urging residents to grow their own produce.

Breathe Better

Establishing vertical gardens/green walls across locations.

Green Movement

Educating the next generation on the need of the hour.

Today, because of rapid urbanisation and deforestation there is a considerable increase in air pollution levels and heat transfer.

In urban cities, this effect is extreme because of the lack of vegetation and space constraints. In such a scenario, Green Walls are the best alternative as they don’t take up floor space and purifies the air, reduces air temperature and also helps in protecting urban biodiversity.


Gardens Planted


Projects Handled

Our solution towards #AirPollution

What if, we could utilise unused spaces? Like walls, road intersections, abandoned lofts, parking spaces, or even the roof of a bus. The objective was to help produce Oxygen and absorb as much CO2 as possible - the biggest concern in terms of climate change.
Arnab had a vision of bringing nutritious and non-contaminated greens to every kitchen, which aligned perfectly with Bhanu’s intent of raising his daughter in a pollution-free city. GCC aims to create a pollution and contamination free Green India by 2025, one city at a time.

We are dedicated to creating a green, clean and pollution-free environment.

Our consultants are experts in sustainability and green conservation.

We're a management consultant firm

Besides our residential and corporate clients, we work with social impact organizations including government and quasi-government agencies and professional associations.

We examine and analyze the requirement of the clients to provide impactful solutions.
We develop strategic actionable plans that enable our clients to achieve almost immediate results.
Our solutions are not just visual, but also have a social, economical and ecological impact.

Why don't you have any prices on your website?

Our products and services are custom to you. If it’s live planting you require then the price depends on the plants you choose along with the service frequency. Our consultants will work with you to ensure you are happy with both design and costs.

I would like to meet with one of the consultants to discuss details for my organization. Who do I speak to?

You can either drop us a message on the contact section with your phone number and we will get back to you. Or you could call on the providednumber on the website and they will be able to resolve your query. 

What services does GCC provide?

Our services range from vertical gardens to outdoor landscaping. While we work on beautifying the cities, our focus is on ensuring the reduction of air pollution as well as awareness regarding the carbon footprint.